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Soju Slushie*
Spicy Lychee 7/13

Beer & Cider
Other Half ‘Green City’ IPA (Brooklyn, NY) 10/33
Tiger Lager (Singapore) 6
Evil Twin ‘Modern’ IPA (Brooklyn, NY) 9
Orion Lager (Okinawa, JPN) 21.4 oz 15
Mikkeller ‘Chill Pils’ Pilsner (San Diego, CA) 12
Stillwater ‘Insetto’ Sour Ale (Baltimore, MD) 8
Shacksbury ‘Dry Cider’ (Vergennes, VT) 10
Shacksbury ‘Momofuku Rosé Cider’ (Vergennes, VT) 9

Momofuku Nama Honjozo (Akita, JPN) 4 oz, cold 11/56

Jinro 24 (South Korea) 8
West 32 (New York) 11/44

Chenin Blanc, Brézé, Crémant de Loire, FR, NV 16/64
Pinot Meunier, Laherte Frères, ‘Ultradition’, Brut, Champagne, FR, NV (1.5 L) 150

Grenache, Dom De L’Estoile, ‘Little Star Rosé’, Provence, FR, ‘18 10/40
Trollinger, Beurer, ‘Rosé Trocken’ Württemburg, GR ‘18 16/64

Riesling, Peter Lauer, ‘Barrel X’, Mosel, GR, ’18 13/52
Sauvignon Blanc, Guy Baudin, Loire, FR, ’17 17/68

Tempranillo, Siete, ‘Tinto Joven’, Rioja, SP, ’17 12/48
Pinot Noir, J.K. Carriere, ‘Provacateur’, OR, ’17 17/68

Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Hibiscus Yuzu Iced Tea 5
Chrysanthemum Honey Iced Tea 5
Vietnamese Iced Coffee 5
Mexican Coke 5
Diet Coke 3
San Pellegrino Orange 5
Seagram’s Ginger Ale 3

*A portion of proceeds will be donated to Everytown.